About the Author

Henry Pozzi is of an old French Protestant family. His mother was English, a direct descendant of Hampden. He was for nearly thirty years a member of the French and English Intelligence Services in the Balkans and Central Europe; and ten years in charge of the Balkan Secret Service of "Le Temps". Therefore the author is by far the best qualified person to discuss the events displayed in his work "War is Coming Again". The book was prohibited in the Little Entente, Greece, Turkey and in Yugoslavia.

After the suicide of Vojislav M. Petrovic, a Montenegrin, an ex-attache to the Yugoslav Legation in London who had been preparing a small book on the history of the Sarajevo assassination in the light of his knowledge of the Pan-Serbian organization called the Black Hand, Mr. Francis Mott, a well-known English publisher, received a letter from Paris, claiming that Petrovic's death was only one in a long series of crimes committed by the Pan-Serbian terrorist organization Narodna Odbrana, which bore the direct responsibility for the first world war. The author of the letter urged the publisher to print Petrovic's unfinished manuscript, along with Pozzi's book, written on the basis of the author's personal experiences and sources of information, as to warn the English of the dangers France and all Europe would be exposed to if they continued supporting Serbian expansionist political parties. The letter also emphasized the fact that the French press had either slandered or ignored Pozzi's book. This, however, did not diminish its contemporaneity and prominence. Among other things, Pozzi accurately anticipated the murder of the Serbian King Alexander, and indicated the perpetrators and reasons for his assassination.

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