Publisher's Note

"Black Hand over Europe" is an English translation of Henry Pozzi s book "La Guerre revient", originally written in French, and published in London, most probably in 1935 (there is no indication of the exact date of publishing).

The author surveys the political situation in Yugoslavia between the two World Wars, and shows how the Yugoslav state was created for the simple purpose of implementing Serbian domination over the non-Serb nations within Yugoslavia.

This book is distinguished by Pozzi s excellent knowledge of the political situation in mid-eastern Europe and represents a valuable testimony of his time.

Last year, the Croatian Information Centre decided to reprint the English version of the book due to the growing interest of the world public in the motives behind Serbia s expansionist policy which existed at the time the book was published and which was to escalate in the aggression against Croatia in 1991.

No alterations have been made to the original edition, however, certain incorrect terms and names have been marked by asterisks, with explanatory notes and corrections added at the end of the book. The French original was translated into Italian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and German, and since it was prohibited in the Little Entente, it was never translated into Croatian.

For this reason the Croatian Information Centre is currently preparing the first Croatian edition.

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