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When the birds fly your country at the end of summer, do you know where they go? When you come to Croatia in search of the sun or a mild winter, you will discover them on the islands. You may have chosen Croatia by design. With them it was instinct. Either way, it was the right choice.

Some never want to leave. The island of Cres, for instance, is one of the last habitats of the white headed vulture. The island forests abound with animals. There are rabbits, deer and squirrels, many kinds of birds and many other animals. The islands are too close to the mainland for separate species to evolve. But experts will find island snails, wingless insects and lizards whose size and colour differ from other members of their kind - an interesting phenomenon. Quite recently the white tail deer was brought to the island of Brac and axis deer to the Brijuni islands. Small Indian mongooses were established on Mljet at the beginning of this century, and later on some other islands. The fact that no animal species is endangered here is probably more important. A well preserved environment is their natural habitat, and Croatia affords the opportunity to learn about these animals and their way of life in a natural, pollution-free environment.

As with everything mysterious, different and rare, the world of the sea bed attracts special attention. With coral, algae, fish and shellfish, the ocean is a treasure trove of exciting experiences not only for harpoon fishermen but also for those who simply delight in exploring the depths. More than 350 species of fish live in the Adriatic, as well as numerous species of cephalopods and shellfish. The Croatian Adriatic Sea is one the world's richest, abounding in high quality fish, shrimp and shellfish. A tantalising choice for gourmets.

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