Croatia Myth&Reality: Bibliography


This monograph is intended to provide readers with the background of a few of the more common myths in a non-academic, readable format; therefore footnotes and endnotes were not used. However, dozens of articles and monographs have appeared covering many of the same myths over the years. The author wishes to acknowledge the work of every scholar, writer, and journalist who may have previously published articles about one or more of these legends. In addition to the authors of the books and chapters that follow, the author also wishes to specifically acknowledge the works of:

Alex Alexiev, Radoslav Artukovic, Branimir Anzulovic, Ljubo Boban, Bruno Busic, Philip J. Cohen, Robert Guskind, Bogoljub Kocovic, John Kraljic, Jaksa Kusan, Branka Magas, Mirko Mehes, Petar Radielovic, Hans Peter Rullmann, Carol J. Williams, and Vladimir Zerjavic.


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