Part Fifteen Excerpts from ANTO KNEZEVIC'S AN ANALYSIS OF SERBIAN PROPAGANDA The factual truth In opposition to Djujic's assertion stand two facts which are proven and unarguable. The first fact: in Croatia much property has been stolen, many Croats killed, much of the civilian population wiped out, many homes ruined, many temples of God destroyed. And the thieves, killers, Wipers, ruiners and destroyers did not come from nowhere. They have their names and surnames. The second fact: all the leading world information media have acquainted the international public with the first fact. The daily news from Croatia speaks precisely of stealing, killing, wiping out, ruining and destroying. Let us cite only one of the hundreds of headlines which speaks of how Serbs take away Croatian houses: "Serbs grab homes - Fed army mops up Vukovar," writes the Canadian paper The Toronto Sun, November 20, 1991. Having in mind these two facts, the question arises: is Father Djujic perhaps lying on the eve of the Orthodox Christmas?