Part Eight Excerpts from ANTO KNEZEVIC'S AN ANALYSIS OF SERBIAN PROPAGANDA USA Today in "balance" Balance is difficult to achieve even when a newspaper offers to let both sides express their opinion in an equal amount of space. So, for example, USA Today invited the presidents of Serbia and Croatia to express their view of the military and political situation in former Yugoslavia. Milosevic's text has the headline "Peace in Yugoslavia requires justice for all" (November 14, 1991, p. 11A). The headline of Tudjman's text reads "The Croatians tell their war stories" (November 19, 1991, p. 13A). Tudjman writes in his text that "many Americans still do not understand the war against Croatia." The editors of USA Today gave Tudjman's text an inappropriate headline and so proved the correctness of Tudjman's remark about misunderstanding of "the war against Croatia." Judging by the headlines, the reader can get the impression that the aggressor is talking about peace, while the side under attack "tells its war stories". .